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At Rawee Martial Arts we help you to encourage your staff to a more healthy lifestyle, with general health education programs, martial arts training and traditional Muay Thai in Shanghai.


Martial Arts is more than just sports and fitness - it teaches discipline, respect towards others and one-self, knowing strengths and limitations, pushing limits, dealing with defeat and creating success. 

  • Reduce sick leave /save costs

  • Increase self confidence and morale 

  • Create a comfortable working environment

  • Increase company's image with attractive benefits

  • Better team work ability and productivity of employees

  • Reduce stress and increase well-being

  • Higher motiviation and life quality

  • Health and Prevention

  • Enhance positive realtion to company

  • Financial advantage for employees and their families


  • Healthy peple are more productive.


  • Fitness increases self confidence.


  • Staying fit reduces health risks. 


  • Regular training increases concentrativeness.

Customized Models


Set standards and invest into the health of your employees. Motivate your employes by covering their membership with us. We provide advice for your decision. 



Motiviate your employees with special conditions at our gym and even provide an allowance. It shows how you care for their health.


Receive a discount on the monthly fees, depending on the number of employees. Motivate your employees with active health management measures.

Corporate Classes

Get your team together once or twice per week to exercise togehter. We will customize a class for your team. It builds team spirit, boosts morale and gets them fitter. While having a little fun during getting a good workout.


Team Bonding Events

We'll put togehter a team bonding event for your people. It can be customized to your request, including 

  • sports activity,

  • learning activities, e.g. healthy work-place, nutrition, lifestyle, 

  • post work-out meal preparation,

  • food catering, etc. 

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