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We do offer special training conditions to fighters of Rawee Muaythai and discounted fees for group and private classes. 


Trainers will always pay special attention to upcoming fight engagements and not only adjust the individual parts during group training, but also advise on the overall training schedule and fight preparation. In the Thai Style MT classes you will be pushed to your limits (and beyond), and sparring as well as clinching skills are mandatory. There will also be special classes for fighters introduced soon.



If you want to fight professionally in Thailand, Rawee will not only arrange an oportunity for you in one of the famous stadiums, but also make sure about professional support during the fight and best preparation in the training phase. Rest assured, our trainers will tell you if you are ready for the ring. Also check with us about our special package for your WAY INTO A THAI RING.


We do certainly also support fights, mainly under K1 rules with more or less Muay Thai elements within China. And we will shortly also arrange our own fighting events. 

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