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It's never too early for your kids to learn the discipline and healty lifestyle of Martial Arts. 



We do currently not distinguish the classes for kids and juniors to enable them to learn from one another. We have several trainers in a group to ensure individual attention, safe training environment and highest quality of learning. 


For the younger warriors (about 5 - 7 year olds but can vary depending on the child), it is mainly about having fun and using martial arts to teach


  • basic skills of martial arts that will help your child's balance, co-ordination, and strengthrespect and discipline

  • setting and achieving goals 

  • important life skills

  • stranger danger.



For the older kids (8 - 15 years) it is also about teaching respect, discipline, and important life skills.  There is more emphasis on the skills of Muay Thai  that will develop their co-ordination, strength and fitness making them more confident. 

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