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Beginners / Introduction Classes

You don't have to be fit or know much about Thai Boxing in order to start because our introduction classes are designed to ease you into the training.

The emphasis is on teaching you the correct, basic techniques that everyone can master while building your fitness level at a steady rate. 

After 5 of the Introduction Classes you can join the regular classes - best the Thai Style Muay Thai classes. This allows you to see also the experienced people train and benefit from their level at a very early stage. Still, the trainers will take the beginners in a separate group and start slowly. Every class is different but each one will involve skipping, warm-up, stretching and strengthening, technique work and pad work.

You don’t need a partner to come and train with and there is no sparring or heavy contact for beginners. You are learning and practising the techniques in a safe environment while getting a great workout.

All you need is a drink bottle, a towel and some comfortable clothes for training in. Best is to make a reservation for your first training and join a Introduction Class. 

Muay Thai Circuit

These classes will give you an ultimative workout based on Muay Thai techniques and moves. Our trainers will work with you on your strength, cardio and general fitness. Besides that, you will see the effect on your body shaping by skipping, kicking pads, situps, pushups and others.


Technic Class

These classes focus on various technical skills. Train combinations of punches, knees and kicks with your partner. You will improve your technics and tactics for sparring classes or a fight. 



You will learn the skills of knees and swipes the Thai are famous for. It's this special close distance technic which often decides the fight. 

Mouth guard is mandatory. 


Private Classes


Take the opportunity to train one on one with some of China's most experienced Thai trainers. You will set and work towards achieving realistic goals. Sessions are normally 60 mins.

  • you can choose to work on fitness with an intense cardio workout and pad work.

  • strength and conditioning using strength exercises, weights or strength training equipment.

  • focus and improve your MuayThai or boxing skills rapidly with personal attention.


Private Pad Rounds


If you just want one of our Thai trainers with heaps of experience getting Thai boys ready for the ring holding for you, book your private pad rounds. You will get 5 rounds of 3 minutes each which will certainly leave you exhausted. You can come to the gym 20 min earlier to do your own skipping and shadow boxing, and stay for some more bag rounds on your own afterwards. 


Thai Style Muay Thai

Once in the gym people do a warm up if their not out running. Skipping is the most popular choice, some choose to run around the gym or to the park on the other side of the river. Once warmed up the group stretching starts. This takes approx 10 minutes. After stretching you will get told to wrap your hands with Thai Boxing wraps and it’s time for shadowboxing. The main purpose of this is to check your technique in the mirror as well as loosening up.

Next up is bag work and the fun part… either sparring or pad rounds! If you don’t get called up by a trainer straight away then you will work the heavy bag until you do. Try not to go too hard until you get called up for pads because this is the most intense part. There will be several 3 minute rounds with your trainer. He will make sure to push you to the limits. Sparring varies a little and depends on the students training. Sparring is optional unless you’re fighting.

Now you’ve done your pad rounds, go take a few minutes of rest as you’re likely going to be a walking wreck and you will still have strength and conditioning plus group drills. We generally finish off by practicing Muay Thai technique and doing drills such as kicking and punching the bags from opposite sides, helping each other do situps etc. 


In the sparring classes you can train the technical skills you developed in a simulated fight situation. Our sparring classes are supervised and you will get instructions on how to improve your reactions, blocks and counters. Sparring is not for showing off your ego, there's no winner in sparring! Sparring should at all times be controlled moves, and it's not training for power (that's what you do on the pads). You use about 50% of your power since you want your training partner to show up again the next day. The focus is to train your reactions, counter-moves, timing of your attacks. 

Mouth guard and groin protection (for male) are mandatory. 

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