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Muay Thai & More we said?

Great News!

Thanks to the money raised at our charity Fight Night ‘’Fighters with Heart’’, an 8 month little boy successfully received a heart surgery!!

Heart to Heart Shanghai, the non-profit organization dedicated to support children from extremely poor family needing heart surgery, just sent us an email to tell us about Liu Changxuan, a little baby from Shandong province. Liu had his much needed open heart surgery a few days ago and was already doing well enough the next afternoon to be transferred to the ICUs recovery room. Hopefully, he will continue recovering this quickly and go home soon.

His mother and Heart to Heart are thrilled and sending us many thanks for our support.

We are very happy to share the good news with you and we would like to thank one more time all of the great Muay Thai fighters that made the event possible and of course all our beloved members, friends and family that contributed!

Let’s keep doing More and train Muay Thai!

#MuayThai #children #charity #fight

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