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Awesome Come-Back of Rawee Sinbimuaythai

Rawee Sinbimuaythai is back in the ring!

After having stopped to fight for over 2 years, he couldn't resist the temptation to get into the ring again during this year's Songkran festivals. And in no less than a Sakhomsil promoted event.

Awesome KO in round 3 by elbow!

Since he hasn't been in the ring for quite a while, he really wanted to enjoy a bit of stage time. Playing along for the first two rounds, showing several of his fakes so well known to his students. Don't believe all you see in the video - when you have been on the pads or sparring with him, you know the feeling of false confidence - making you smile for the fraction of a second until you realise the consequence of distraction. Entertaining the crowd and gamblers is a crucial element in local fights and he proved he still does well know this game! I mean, what else would a 600 fights teach you??!

Congratulations to our head coach!

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