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Rawee Sinbimuaythai

Rawee has approximately 600 fights under his belt! His exciting style is full of flying kicks and acrobatics. He has been a trainer now for many years and is a favorite of many with his vibrant personality and exciting fighting style that he trys to teach to his students.

Born in the Buriram Province in northern Thailand, Rawee grew up with four sisters and two brothers. He started training Muay Thai at the age of 8, having his first fight at the age of 10. He fought in Phuket, Bangla & Sainamyen Stadium; Indonesia, Bali, Seminyak; Chunburi Pattaya, Fairtex Teprasit Stadium; Nakhon Rachasima in various Stadiums; Bangkok Asswindam & Lumpinee & Ras Chadamnen Stadiums.


Among many others, Rawee won the titles of Champion Muay Rob Royandi Tournament 53.5 kg, MCOT9TV Bangkok; Repeated Fairtex Teprasit Champion 56 kg, 57 kg, 58 kg, 60 kg, 61 kg, 62 kg; TV 11 fighter; Bali MGM 2011 Champion.


Rawee is a Certified Professional Muay Thai Trainer by the Thai Muaythai Association with an extensive experience. He was teaching in the best gyms in Thailand, Rawai Muaythai and Sinbi Muaythai. He's now established his own Muay Thai gym in Shanghai.

Ah Qi

Ah Qi has been training and coaching Thai fighters and international students for ages. We are so proud he's been visiting our gym in Shanghai. 

Zhang Shaofeng

Zhang Shaofeng started training Muaythai with Rawee in Shanghai. It is true to say it changed his life! 

Iris Raweemuaythai

Iris is a Muay Thai fighter. She trained various martial arts in China, including Sanda, Wushu sword, traditional Kungfu and Qingwumen. Starting Muay Thai in Thailand she fell in love. She really wants to have a piece of this culture transfered so peple can experience true Muay Thai in Shanghai. Iris is the owner of the place and oversees and supports the general management of Rawee Martial Arts.

Fabian Raweemuaythai

Fabian trained MuayThai and other martial arts for many years. He's an experienced fighter, now training Muay Thai in Shanghai. We are glad to have him in our gym.


Shelley is our interior designer. She has been training martial arts herself for many years. 

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